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Aug 10

Zott in distribution again

Monte, a brand new type of a dessert was first produced in 1996. It took 2 years of meticulous research to create this perfect recipe. It was worth it because the combination of fresh milk cream, chocolate and hazelnuts was great success from the first day of its launching in Germany. Twenty years later, a new type of favorite milk desert was launched- the original Monte –white flavor – milk and cream. You will enjoy every cup of Maxi four pack with 100g limited edition. Logistic information: 6 pcs/ package; 234 package/ pallet, expiring date 30 days, keep refrigerated (+4C to +8C)

MILK TIGER pudding vanilla / chocolate 4X50 g ZOOT
Things will get wild with Zott Milk Tiger pudding in the fridge. Tasty combination of a whole milk vanilla pudding will delight small gourmands. Kids just love interesting crazy – chocolate tiger stripes. The product contains Calcium, bourbon vanilla natural flavor with no preservatives and gelatin. It is packed in practical 4X50g cups..

It is classic delight of Mozzarella cheese in small heart shaped portions. In this way, every meal becomes tasty prove of love. With its usual milky mild taste it is also a treat for eyes. Mini hearts are great surprise for friends and family: combined in salads, meet dishes or just simple tasty snack. Marketing support: prize competition: post your photo with #lovezottarella on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and win a trip to Paris! Logistic information: 8 pcs/ cartons, 180 cartons/palle.

MILK TIGER cheese desert strawberry/vanilla and strawberry/banana 4X50 ZOTT
You will not want to share your Zott Milk Tiger Fresh Cheese. It comes in two favorite kids flavors: strawberry /vanilla and strawberry /banana. The product contains Calcium, vitamin D, growth stimulating proteins. Besides, Milk tiger Fresh cheese contains only natural flavors, with no artificial preservatives and less than 0,3% lactose.

Animals-shaped cheese snacks invite kids to play, collect, exchange…The taste is especially mild, creamy and ideal for Milk Tiger young fans. The product contains vitamin D, Calcium and proteins and thus represents healthy and nutritious snack for your child. Milk Tiger Cheese Snack Classis does not contain preservatives. There are 4X20g different models in the package. It can stay fresh for eight hours out of the refrigerator what makes it perfect snack for your kid.