Superior Transport services in
+/- temperature regimes

Stanić Logistika offers its business partners transport services of goods in plus and minus temperature regimes within Croatia and Europe. Cutting-edge delivery vehicles with different temperature regimes deliver products to over 7500 locations in Croatia on a monthly basis, covering the entire territory, including the islands, and the distribution is increasingly taking place in other European countries as well.

State-of –the-art


We have and use state-of-the-art vehicles, over 180 delivery vehicles in Croatia of the brands: Mercedes, Iveco, Man, Scania and Daf, and trucks with two-mode refrigerated semi-trailers with the capacity of 1 to 36 Euro pallets with a temperature regime of -20°C / +4°C. The installation of a satellite tracking system for cargo and passenger vehicles is planned for this year, in order to enable efficient management of resources while reducing costs, automating business processes and increasing efficiency. Given that we live in a tourist country with a strong focus on catering, where our Gastro customers also have their own regional specificities and seasonal differences, our mission are constant efforts to provide top service to our partners, achieving the set goals of all our brands. Of key importance for success is a strong distribution support, which, especially during the season, intensively covers all tourist centers, including the islands.


Many years of successful business

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Complete logistics service

For 20 years we have been successfully developing logistics solutions to meet all the needs of our business partners, providing a complete logistics service in Croatia and Europe. The basis of the business is providing an individual approach to each client, offering solutions according to their specific logistical needs. By constantly monitoring the needs of the market, we continuously adjust and improve the logistics network, through maximizing the optimization of resources on the domestic and foreign markets and high-quality cooperation with long-term suppliers, we are also developing macro-distribution in the territory of Western Europe countries.