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At the moment we deliver to over 3700 sales locations.

Through production and development we offer best quality/price ratio to our buyers.

Our main business strategy is continuous and controlled growth of all our brands and their positioning on the market. Another base of our business policy is growth of local production of original Croatian products.

We continuously monitor new trends in consumer shopping habits. According to those, consumers are becoming more oriented towards shopping in big shopping centers because of the changes in life style. Fast life style causes consumers to do weekly and monthly shopping in big centers. That is way, hypermarkets and supermarkets retail chains have become important segment of our business focus.

We constantly improve service to our customers in order to provide availability of our products to as many sales locations across Croatia as possible. At the moment, we deliver our products to more than 3700 locations. Our business partners and clients have recognized optimal quality/price ratio of our services and choose us as creators of their own private brands.

We set new standards in the world of loyal competition and healthy market interactions. Our mighty sales team with its everyday contacts on the market ensures our prompt reaction and adjustments according to the market shifts