Our production line for slicing and packaging

By developing distribution and listening to the needs and wishes of the market, the need arose to open our own production line for slicing and packaging permanent cured meat products, semi-permanent meat products, hard and semi-hard cheeses, substitute (analog) cheeses in vacuum and modified atmosphere.


Modern Production equipment

By investing in the most modern production equipment, using the most up-to-date materials and packaging techniques, together with the proven European and domestic suppliers of raw materials and high hygienic standards of health and safety, all the foundations for successful development have been laid. The assortment consists of a piece and cut program available in vacuum packaging as well as packaging in a modified atmosphere. With the aforementioned systematic investment in quality and range of assortment, we have become a respectable partner both in HoReCa and in Retail channel. On the automated production line for slicing and packaging meat and dairy products, goods are assembled according to the needs of customers from the Retail and HoReCa channels, so that we can also work for their brand.


Many years of successful business

Quality of raw materials

Saving time

Cost control

Constant quality

No waste



We emphasize the possibility of equalization and interfoliation and twice the production capacity after investing in new machines. First-class cutting quality with easy handling, maximum hygiene and efficiency, different product stacking options, are some of the possibilities that adorn the new machine. Ideal for customers who want hygienically, safely sliced products. During 2013, an investment was made and a machine for cutting products in the form of cubes was acquired. Such products are ideal for preparing ready meals, salads and for use in cooking. The complete line, from slicing to stacking the product in transport packaging, is under the strict supervision of experts.

One of the novelties in the plant is the preparation of sandwiches and plates in a modified atmosphere.