Our vision

We belive that only the best is good enough

For 30 years, we have been importing and distributing top quality products of renowned European and international food brands to the Croatian market.

About us

Developmentof the Company

The product range includes a wide range of dairy, meat and canned products, as well as a wide range of frozen products. The company Stanić was founded in 1994 with headquarters in Zagreb and offers complete business solutions for the distribution and sale of quality brands. The company built its leadership position through the development of a strong distribution network, logistic support, its own facility for slicing and packaging food, and its own retail chain.

For 30 years, we have been importing and distributing top quality products of renowned European and international food brands to the Croatian market.

The Croatian market offers great opportunities and challenges and sets before us the task of following trends with the aim of implementing the best, thereby enabling high product quality and competitive prices. The main determinant of development is the distribution of strong brands. Many years of successful business with our partners makes us the most desirable partner in this part of Europe. Our customers are all significant market participants in the HoReCa and Retail sales channels, primarily in Croatia, but also in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, Stanić cooperates with more than 300 suppliers and manages 3,000 products.



our 32 stores

We worked intensively on expanding our own retail chain.


Built central LDC

Central logistics and distribution center in Sveta Nedelja.


Our facility was opened

For slicing and packing dried meat products and cheeses.



The company Stanić was founded in 1994 in Zagreb. Innovation, enthusiasm and winning spirit are the fundamental principles that led Stanić to become a leader in the organization of distribution. In the period of 10 years of development after its founding, the company has opened seven distribution centers in all major cities: Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. In 2007, it opened its own facility for slicing and packaging cured meat products and cheeses. In 2008, a central logistics and distribution center was built in Sveta Nedelja. Since 2012, intensive work has been done on the expansion of its own retail chain, and so far 32 stores have been opened all over Croatia under the name Diskont Stanić.

Today, the company manages over 3,000 products, has over 350 employees, has 32 retail outlets and its own production.

What we do



With our vehicles from central and regional warehouses, we respond to their needs for intensive and regular supply.


With the most modernly equipped delivery vehicles and warehouses, we provide our business partners with security and reliability.



Special attention is given to HoReCa sales channel, given that we live in a tourist country with a strong focus on catering.


Our warehouse business complexes use cutting-edge cooling chambers and product storage technologies on plus and minus regimes.


Through an excellent offer and the best ratio of quality and price, we believe that we can offer our customers high-quality food products.


Production line for slicing and packaging dried meat products, meat products, cheeses, in vacuum and modified atmosphere.


Many years of successful business

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Plans for the future

Distribution and production of high-quality products that are trusted by consumers. Our mission are constant efforts to provide top service to our partners in all sales channels. The continuous upward trajectory is the result of tireless improvement, innovation and investment in the development.

The business mission of the company Stanić, in which we believe that only the best is good enough, is based on high-quality products that enjoy the trust of consumers, and continuous activities that guarantee quality at all times.

Our vision is to be a leading distribution company of food products in terms of knowledge and organization, in relation to customers and in the realization of the business visions of our partners.





The choice is important, so choose a reliable partner! We offer a professional service for all our business partners. 



Together we introduce novelties and push boundaries

Our business policy includes cooperation with renowned suppliers which operate on the principles of good business practices and ethical and moral standards of modern business.

We maintain partnership relations with all retail chains, as well as our partners from the HoReCa department, which enables us to effectively market products to end consumers. We are partners with all large and small retail chains, but also with gas stations, drugstores, hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities.