From grandma’s notebook Puff pastry and Croissants

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From grandma’s notebookPuff pastry and Croissants


Bakina kuhinja /Grandma’s Kitchen/, the brand of the company Stanić, has been bringing to your kitchen flavours like from your grandma’a old notebook for 15 godina. The sweet and savory dishes that our grandmothers diligently cooked, preserving the tradition from oblivion, delight us all today and we all adore them. Local flavors are the focal point of the entire culinary presentation. And that's why every housewife knows how important it is to always have quality ingredients and a proven recipe. Family get-togethers are the ideal time to serve the most delicious dishes to your family. The ideal basis for these superb pleasures are the products of the brand Bakina kuhinja, which, among other things, includes a number of products for the preparation of various dishes such as margarine, oil, whipped cream, frozen fruits and vegetables.


Starting this month, the offer has been expanded with frozen puff pastry in a 500 g package (2 x 250 g) and with three types of Croissant in a 1 kg package - mini, filled with cocoa cream and apricot. It only takes a few minutes, without defrosting, to enjoy these classics.

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