Starbucks Skinny Latte arrived in Croatia


Arrived in CroatiaStarbucks Skinny Latte

The culture of drinking coffee for us Croats is probably written in our genes. We do not give up coffee even when we are not sitting in cafes but are on the move outdoors, it is still present in our lives even then, just in a different form.

With the arrival of spring, we will spend less and less time indoors. We will be on the move more frequently, socializing outdoors, and coffee will be our faithful companion. Starbucks ‘ready to drink’ beverages are ideal for any time of the day. In addition to the irresistible flavors, their cool and practical packaging is also something that rounds off the complete experience of buying and enjoying these drinks.

Starbucks ‘ready to drink’ beverages, which arrived on our market two years ago, are now the first choice of takeaway coffee on our market. Starting this year, all Starbucks coffee lovers will be delighted to know that we now have a Lactose-free and sugar-free version of the Skinny Latte in a 220 ml cup as well.

Sigurni smo da će i ovaj okus nastaviti trend omiljene kava za van u kojima ćete uživati u svim trenucima tokom dana bez grižnje savjesti.

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